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Skill Development Workshop

Under the guidance of Rural Non-Farm Development Agency, Jaipur, we conducted skill development workshops in Kelwara, Kumbhalgarh block, and Gangrar block, benefiting 100 artisans at each location. A seasoned professional led the training, with participants receiving days wage allowances. The workshops not only enhanced technical skills but also educated artisans on accessing government schemes, improving product marketability, and utilizing digital marketing for direct consumer outreach. This holistic approach reflects our commitment to empowering artisans for sustainable socio-economic progress, fostering collaboration for a brighter local economic future.


  • Period: Mar 22 - Mar 22
  • Location: Kelwara, Kumbhalgarh block of Rajsamand District and Gangrar block of Chittorgarh District State- Rajasthan
  • Beneficiaries: 200 Artisians

Training & Seminars

Strategic Planning Retreat

Skill Development Workshop