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Girl Child Education Programme

Our organization is committed to ensuring universal access to quality education for girls and young women, recognizing its profound impact on individuals and society. We focus on creating secure learning environments, complete educational attainment, essential skills for employment, life skills, decision-making empowerment, and community contributions. Educated women benefit society through improved healthcare awareness, lower fertility rates, informed marriage decisions, and increased participation in formal labor markets, breaking the cycle of poverty. We have established 85 community-based learning centers in Rajsamand`s tribal-dominated Kumbhalgarh block, addressing barriers faced by girls, such as limited school hours and domestic responsibilities. This holistic initiative has transformed over 2500 girls lives, fostering awareness and empowerment within communities and parents, leading to positive societal change. Specifically, 1324 girls have been mainstreamed into formal education, contributing to increased gender equality and positive societal change.


  • August 2016 - Present Day
  • Kumbhalgarh block of Rajsamand district (Rajasthan)
  • More than 2500 Girl Child
  • Supporting SDG: 4, 5
  • Supporting Thematic Area: Education

Training & Seminars

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