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25 APR 2018
  • Tribal and Small Farmers of 20 villages of Badi SadariBeneficiaries
  • ChittorgarhLocation

It’s a joint collaboration of IGSSS, New Delhi and Shrushti Seva Samiti.

Indo-Global Social Service Society (IGSSS) is a non-profit organisation working with the mandate for a humane social order based on truth, justice, freedom and equity. Established in 1960, IGSSS works for development, capacity building and enlightenment of the vulnerable communities across the country for their effective participation in development. Shrushti has been associated with IGSSS since 2009 under several programmes and SOUL is one of them.

At present Shrushti is implementing third phase of Sustainable Option for Uplifting Livelihood (SOUL)-3 in 20 villages of Badi Sadri block of Chittorgarh.

Goal : Vulnerable tribal community of Chittorgarh distrct of Rajasthan enhance their overall wellbeing, through the adoption of diversified and climate resilient livelihoods/enterprise, advancements in their nutrition status and more sustainable use of their natural resource base.


  • Vulnerable rural families increase their income by 40% through the adoption of climate resilient land and non-land based livelihoods options.
  • Vulnerable rural families improve their nutritional status through community measures like access to safe drinking water, sanitation, hygiene practices and diet diversification.
  • Community based organizations function as self-sufficient, sustainable and democratic spaces for local participation in matters of rural livelihoods and development.

The efforts made during the last 4.5 years of intervention not only helped to improve the livelihoods of the massive population but also created a resilience to adopt the climatic change. The Project intervention played a crucial role in bringing impact in the life of the Project beneficiaries and creating a Synergy within the community so that a ripple effect can be made visible in the larger peripheries of the community. Under the SOUL 1 & 2 project many interventions were done so as to build the capacities of the Communities towards livelihood and inculcate the culture of collective farming. Capacities in all these spheres related to Livelihood were provided through by bringing them in a group, so that they can inculcate the feeling of togetherness to work as well as supporting each other beyond the Phase of the Project. This initiative was one of the 1st breakthroughs for the Project Management Team to transform the communities into Clusters and it leaded to the formation Community based Organization like the Kisan Groups - Village Action Team – Federation within the Project location.

SOUL Project has made difference in the life of underprivileged families by building their skill to improve their earning and by making them aware about their rights. In SOUL project most of the activities designed are more qualitatively and can’t be measurable in numbers. Skill and knowledge which we disseminate in the community are the assurance that whole process will be sustainable because there is famous old phrase saying “Instead of giving bread to any poor, we should make them learn the process of baking it”.

The current status of the Project would be said as achieved the targets as per the plan and activities. But as the area is robust and the economic condition of the people are not viable with large family size, we feel that a lot more is required to be done in the Project locations, so that they come out from the vicious circle of poverty.

District Block No. of Intervention Village Targeted Families
Chittorgarh Badi Sadari 20 1000 Small & Marginalized Farmers