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26 MAY 2018
  • Tribal and Rural Women of Kumbhalgarh BlockBeneficiaries
  • RajsamandLocation

Its joint collaboration of Department of Science & Tchnology and Shrushti Seva Samiti.

It was seen in Hindu practices which prohibits women from participating in normal family activities during menstruation because they are considered impure. They cannot attend school, are forbidden from entering kitchen and worshipping god. In tribal areas situations are more gross women there used unhygienic old cloth, leaves and in some places in absence of awareness they used nothing.

In this project under the guidance of Department of Science & technology and with technical support of PECSS, Bhopal, Shrushti Seva Samiti has established Handmade Low cost Sanitary Napkin produced by rural women of Kumbhalgarh block of Rajsamand District. The purpose of setting up sanitary napkin-making facilities in rural village to provide a low cost sanitary pad for these women to use.

This project helping in combating the myth around menstruation period and spreading awarens about women reproductive health issues in the intervention area. And creating livelihood option for the rural women who are involved in the production as well as working as health volunteer and sales representative. The main objectives are:

  • To explain the beneficiaries that usage of Sanitary Napkin is extremely beneficial for the health of women and keeps the body hygienically safe.
  • To provide employable and skilled vocational training for the production of Sanitary Napkins (through handmade machines) to the women of tribal BPL families.
  • To prepare the beneficiaries as successful entrepreneurs for the production and sale of sanitary napkins.
  • To provide entrepreneurship development training, life skill training, and malnutrition and raise other women related issues apart from sanitary napkins training.

We started sanitary napkin production units in the rural villages of Kumbhalgarh block of Rajsamand District in November, 2017 and got sanction to open 5 more production unit in 3 more districts of South Rajasthan.

Presently 6 Sanitary Napkin Production Unit are running in 3 district which are providing livelihood to more than 120 rural & tribal women and making available hygienic sanitary pads for more than 30,000 women of South Rajasthan.

Each napkin-making are done through handmade machines which don’t require electricity except at last stage when sanitary pad has to sterilize to de-worm and in packing.

District Blocks Direct Beneficiaries Indirect Beneficiaries
Rajsamand Kumbhalgarh 40 10,000
Udaipur Jhadol & Sayra 40 10,000
Chittorgarh Chittorgarh (Rural) & Bhadesar 40 10,000