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21 JUN 2018
  • Approx. 13,500 tribal GirlsBeneficiaries
  • Udaipur, Pali, Sirohi, Pratapagarh, DungarpurLocation

This program is support by IIFL Foundation.

This program is been running in most distant tribal location of Udaipur, Dungarpur, Pratapgarh, Sirohi and Pali districts. This program promotes girl child education among tribal through community schools named ‘Sakhiyo Ki Badi’

Currently 400 Community Learning Center’s are being running successfully at 7 blocks {Kotra, Phalasiya & Sayra(Udaipur), Bali (Pali), Pindwara(Sirohi), Bicchiwada (Dungarpur) and Dhariyawad (Pratapgarh)} of 5 different districts of Rajasthan. Near to 13240 children organization is reaching through these community schools model. These community schools have been established to re-enroll children who are either drop-out or out of school and sometimes irregular students. The purpose of this community schools is to bridge learning gap of children so they can be enrolled age specifically classes in mainstream education.

According to recent study on Children Drop by ICAR among 10 states including Rajasthan, it was found that drop-out rates are higher in Sc/ST students and in Rajasthan drop- out rates are alarming.

Under this model both the genders are addressed and focus is primarily on academic excellence of children along with non-academic inputs to ensure holistic development of the children. Once the children reaches the required level they are mainstreamed with formal education and regular follow up with child as well as parents are done on regular basis post enrollment. This community school runs in places which community provided and have Inspiration committee in place that motivate local teacher as well as parents to contribute in this cause. Apart from academic excellence, issues of child rights are also part and parcel of this model. This committee made sensitized on issues like child labor, children education, child migration and its adverse affect and wanted them to act like vigilant committee of the village to stop all these.

Srno District Intervention Block No. of Panchayat No. of Villages No. of Tribal Girls
1 Udaipur Kotra, Phalasiya & Sayra 66 117 4900
2 Dungarpur Bicchiwada 27 39 1550
3 Pratapagarh Dhariyawad 31 62 3240
4 Pali Bali 34 41 2100
5 Sirohi Pindwara 11 23 1500
Total 169 282 13290