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Agriculture is the predominant occupation of two-third of working population for their livelihood. It is the major source of income for about three fourths of India’s population who lives in villages. It provides not only food but also raw material for manufacturing industries like textiles, sugar, vegetable oil, jute and tobacco. It is not only an important occupation of the people, but also a way of life culture and custom. Most of the Indians customs and festivals are observed I consonance with agriculture seasons, activities and products.

But, what concerns us is the pathetic condition of Indian agriculture. Problems are multifaced. Shrushti extend its helping hand to farmers in a variety of ways.

Our efforts to help farmers include-

  • Popularizing Bio-Technologies
  • Orchard Development
  • Improving Irrigation Systems
  • Rural Livelihood Program
  • Supporting Organic Farming
  • Veterinary Assistance
  • Managing Agriculture Finance

We have rolled out many projects to ensure benefit for farmers by knowledge sharing and by making available resources to farmers. In this cause we got technical & financial assistance from Indo Global Social Services Society, New Delhi, and World for Food Program and FVTRS. Through our projects we are able to bring positive change in lives of more than 5000 tribal farmers of South Rajasthan.